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Hi! I’m back after a very long absence. There was a death in the family mid-July last year and my posts stopped a  month or so before that.

I picked up Yoga Journal to read in a waiting room and found three meditations in an article there that I want to tell you about.

The Concentration Meditation for 5-20 minutes involves deep breathing while you are comfortably seated in a chair or on the floor, knees angled below your pelvis. Inhale deeply with a slight pause at the end and then make an extended exhale while you slowly say Om.  Follow up by silent meditation as you repeat Om on each exhalation.

The Mindfulness Meditation makes you aware of your breathing, your sensations and thoughts in the present, while you imagine yourself as a mountain, inhaling mountain and exhaling stable, all the while remaining aware of your surroundings and your present feelings.

The Loving Kindness Meditation invites you to imagine the horizon and the sun expanding in your inner center and radiating outward to your senses and to those around you. This while you breathe in the glow and exhale to let the light recede.

From How to Meditate, I picked up a tip of inhaling whiteness and exhaling dark clouds to clear the mind, sitting with your right hand nestled in your left, palms up, thumbs gently touching, eyes half closed, head slightly bent downward.

We’ll see if this allows me to breathe better even when I’m not meditating or thinking about it!



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