Spring fever

Posted on: 04/09/2009

So, spring if finally here and it’s warmer outside, but I’m still cocooning indoors! What’s the problem?

I get woozy outdoors! Allergies! The new buds, pollen in the air, and I start sneezing and actually feel sleepy!

So, can’t wait for summer.


Drove to Canada in fog and rain for 6 hours on Friday and returned in fog and sleet on Monday.

At the border they told me no lamb or goat meat was allowed in the U.S., even if cooked. (This scared me as I had just eaten curried goat in Toronto earlier that day!!)

Started tai chi classes today. They tell me that in three months I will know how to mime the 8 movements! And in the second three months, I will start to get the hang of it. Guy there told me that after a year, he still doesn’t “know anything.” (He may be right; his movements could be smoother).

For me it will be trying to coordinate hand movements with my feet positioning. I have to figure out how to visualize the whole thing. I know my fingers have to be spread out slightly, like a tiger’s claw.

Tiger’s claw! Isn’t this supposed to be gentle exercise?


What does retirement mean? Retirement from a 9-5 schedule usually, but from anything else?

Well, I’ve retired into blogging, reading, cooking, and avoiding the cluttered basement.

Some people write and paint. I am getting up the gumption to do one or both.

Would you believe that it tried to snow yesterday?
Sleet came down!

We now have 6 months of winter-like weather every year. Where is it getting warmer? Where is the global warming? Alaska? Certainly not here in Zone 5!

Today, I decided I was not going to pretend to be on a diet or pretend to watch my weight.

Thus, I went out and bought strawberry ice cream, low fat but with regular sugar, to go with the lemon cheesecake at home. Also had a coffee with two creamers and a ham and cheese samwich at Starbucks! for $3.95.

At home, I put honey in my coffee.

Some days are like that. You need a break from being sensible at all times.


Okay, so now Twitter is posted. But where are the other sidebar items??Oh, there they are. Thanks, WordPress Support!

No twitter

Posted on: 03/27/2009

I tried to add Twitter to my sidebar, followed the directions, and now all the items on the sidebar have disappeared. Tried everything to get them back, but to no avail. Help!!


Error: Twitter did not respond. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page.