Magpie Tales: Blue Willow

Posted on: 05/16/2010


Magpie Tales is hosted weekly by Willow. Visit her for more poetry, prose that have been created by using her photo as a prompt.

Blue Willow Nonsense Rhyme

Willow, willow

On the wall

Who is fairest of them all?

Willow, willow,

Count to three.

Fly free, away

With me.


10 Responses to "Magpie Tales: Blue Willow"

smiles. a fun magpie…to fly free…that is the dream indeed…

I can hear children singing this as they play outdoors in the twilight ………

If only it were that simple to fly free of life’s problems…..

simple, but pleasant to read. I liked it.

carefree dreams awaken by the possibly of myth becoming reality – Oh if only now we could all fly free…. if only…

Loved the carefree easy style of this piece.


Sweet. And with hints of the fable behind the pattern!

a nifty little rhythm and rhyme!

what fun,
you did it beautifully!

Dear Harvee: This is a Chinese fairy tale by the Chinese Brothers Grimm? Love to know more about the etymology of the Blue Willow plate. For now the author remains anonymous yet prolific. Maybe the ghost of Chang or Koong from the great beyond are the “ghostwriters!”! Excellent fun!

LOL… excellent! Well done.

Nonsense, maybe. But incredibly pretty. k.

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