Magpie Tales 11: Cane

Posted on: 04/25/2010


Elegant walking stick, cane

Magpie Tales is hosted weekly by Willow. Visit her for more poetry, prose that have been created by using her photo as a prompt.



Can the cane!
I’ll walk by myself,
And don’t think I can’t

Just because I’m  ninety-three

And can barely see your face.
I imagine your frown,

A blight on your forehead,
Those features I loved
So well, and so long ago.

– Harvee


17 Responses to "Magpie Tales 11: Cane"

Dear Harvee: An unrequitted poem of love. To think a 93 year old “poop” would be thinking of his loved one so many years down the road is more than amazing; it’s nigh impossible magic! I relish in how the man remembers the imperfections of his remembered love with an everlasting love. For the man realizes now and perhaps far too late, how these little somewhat insignicant imperfect things matter little, in the Big Picture; as far as True Love is concerned. The imperfections so much more powerful than fraility, etc they are a mark of “life lived” a tattoo maybe. For the old man, now that time has come so close to it’s expiration date he is remembering what was truly important. Also, I see the cane as an analogy for a “crutch”; as in he doesnt want a prop no matter what he’ll die with his “boots on” type of guy. For this old pop is a stubborn yet still loving geezer. Funny how this “stuff” works! (stuff = love magic).Excellent poem!

Jane: I love your interpretation of my poem. You’ve explained it well, even to me! Thanks for your insightful comments.

Old people are only old in their bodies. In their minds they are still 18 or 21 years old. What need have they for a walking cane? You tackled this subject very well Jane and I love your explanation.

“Can the cane!” Love it, Harvee!

That’s a fabulous opening line, Harvee. I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying the Mag!

I loved the strength in his words. He wanted to let go o his weakness and to carry on by himself. I also loved the last two lines. beautiful poem

nice harvee…to be free of the constraint and know once again you can do what you once did…i hope he walks and proves that face wrong…smiles. nice magpie!

when I am 93 … I want to say ‘can the cane’

I want to be that strong, if I ever get that far..thank you!!

yet another way to approach the prompt! Very unexpected, but enjoyed it!

Independence is a good thing to hang on to, especially at that age and to be a curmudgeon, too! Nice read!

Great harvee, I loved the last two lines “Those features I loved
So well, and so long ago.”

marinela x x

It’s nice to know our guy has lived and loved. Well done Harvee.

awesome job!

My neighbor is like that — he is 87. Love Jane’s interpretation too. A really nice poem — said in a few lines but it captures a life time lived. Amazing really.


What fun! I can just see that recalcitrant old gent tossing the cane aside.

“can the cane” (and anyone that gets in the way)!!! Love it-great magpie!

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