Magpie Tales: Time Will Tell

Posted on: 04/16/2010

Willow at Magpie Tales invites you to post a vignette or poem inspired by the photo of the week. This week’s photo prompt is a “bright watch.”

Time Will Tell

Time will tell
If you loved me

As you said you would,
Even though

Miles away
And worlds apart.

Your thoughts
Brush against my ear,
Like faint whispers,
Mists, of eternity.


20 Responses to "Magpie Tales: Time Will Tell"

… miles away and worlds apart… very poignant; lovely poem.

Dearest harvee: Your poem inspired me to write a response which will be my entry for this week’s magpie 10. Your poem encapsulates for me a feeling of medieval lore; like the King Arthurian legends.. I hope you like it! (remembering that mimicry is the most sincerest form of flattery!)Please visit and comment. I really love your poem’s authenticity.

Beautiful. šŸ™‚


Well, hello and thanks for commenting on Reaper’s Delight! Your poem is very good! When I think of the Mists, of Eternity, it gives me that thought: I WANT, nay, DESIRE eternity, but again we all do. Hope you come by my blog again!

Eternity indeed, just so long as we keep winding up the timepiece. Short and sweet and evocative. Well done.

A big SIGH,, I am an incurable romantic and just my kind of poetry , the kind that I love to read over and over.

Lovely words strung together – a melodic motion

“Brush against my ear,
Like faint whispers,
Mists, of eternity. ”


Very romantic!
I wonder you the lucky fella is?

I read this through three times and my favorite interpretation was that time was doing the whispering – a literal take on “time will tell.”

mysterious….thought provoking. are they separated by death, by large distance such as two continents. I love “your thoughts, brush against my ear,” I can actually experience it. excellent.

The prompt lent itself quite well to your interpretation — good job…
Image & Verse

what a fabulous magpie,
I love your poem,
your imagination…

I love the line ‘your thoughts brush against my ear’ — so evocative!

Very nicely done. Your words take me back to a much earlier day and, perhaps, similar experience.

really a lovely poem…only time will tell…and i hope it tells a good story…nicely done magpie!

The watch belonged to my great-great uncle whose surname was Bright. Interesting that it is a bright watch!

such a lovely poem, so tender…
mine is here
this is my first magpie tale.
have you a great week.

I love your poem especially the part “your thoughts brush against my ear”. Nicely done. I enjoyed coming here.

…Mists, of eternity… lovely descriptions

sweet –wanted to hear what time would tell…great magpie!

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